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The National Team to represent Canada
at the IFCS World Championship in 2017 in Valencia, Spain

Website: TeamPage


Over the next while we will be posting all of the videos of the Canadian team at the IFCS World Championships to this Facebook page. Some runs were simply amazing, and some were heartbreaking. Everyone who runs a dog in agility knows how things can sometimes go sideways, even with the best plans and intentions for the course.

That is what makes agility so challenging, and why so many of people get hooked on the sport. Because it ISN'T easy...but the runs that go sideways make the runs that don't that much sweeter! Because every so often there is a run where everything comes together and flows from start to finish, at speed; and once again we know why we play in the sport.

The Canadian Team put together quite a few of those runs this year, and they can all be see on our YouTube channel...  youtube.com/channel/NationalTeam

or stay tuned to this page! smile

AAC National Team News

July 6 2017

Lisa Sun from BC, is the 2017-2018 AAC National Team Manager,
Robyn Thomson from AB, is the 2017-2018 AAC National Team Assistant Manager.

NOTICE:National Team Applications and deposit cheques must be RECEIVED!!! BEFORE July 15, 2017 (not just mailed).
Any applications or deposit cheques not RECEIVED before July 15, 2017 will not be accepted.

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