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Judges Standing Advisory Committee

Section: Committees

P&P: v. 2.0

Revised: 20 January, 2013

This Policy and Procedures document outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Judges’ Standing Advisory Committee.

The members of this committee shall be nominated by the Judges' Standing Advisory Committee and approved by the BOD. Ideally the committee would consist of members from the various geographical areas as follows; West Coast - 2 members, Prairies - 2 members, Ontario - 2 members, Quebec -2 members, Atlantic Canada- 2 members. The committee shall also have a Chairperson.

The Committee shall elect its own chair, unless otherwise directed by the Board. The Chair shall be responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfills its stated function in a timely manner. The Chair shall have a tie-breaking vote only.

The Committee shall also have a Board Liaison, who may participate in committee discussions and activities as would any other member, but will not have a vote. The Board Liaison shall be a member of the current Board of Directors. During the start-up phase of the committee, and/or during periods of transition, the Board Liaison shall be responsible for identifying and connecting interested parties with the committee, and for helping to define the committee structure and function. If needed, the Board Liaison may temporarily assume the function of committee Chair until such time as a (new) Chair is elected, but may not assume that position permanently.

The Board Liaison shall be responsible for communications to and from the Board of Directors, and shall help the Chair, if needed, to ensure that committee discussions and activities are carried out in a timely manner.

To be considered for the Judge's Standing Advisory Committee, the candidate must:

The committee may have up to three non-judge AAC members, with the same rights and duties as all other committee members.

The duties and responsibilities of the Judge's Standing Advisory Committee are as follows:

Terms of Service:

The term for members of this Standing Committee shall be two (2) years. A committee member may reapply at the end of their term.

Any committee member, including the Board Liaison, may be removed by the Board of Directors for cause, or by Consent Resolution of the committee members themselves.

Consent Resolution: Should the majority of the committee feel that one (or more) of their number is acting against the stated purpose of the committee, or is behaving in a fashion inconsistent with the smooth functioning of the committee, and the committee is unable to resolve these conflicts internally, they may apply to the AAC Administrator for a Consent Resolution, which must be signed by at least 75% of the committee members, and returned to the administrator, who sall then pass the matter to the Board of Directors for formal action.