Website Changes in progress

Sept 18th Update

Forms issue where they were duplicated, has now been resolved. 

UPCOMING EVENTS includes the Election information.

UPCOMING EVENTS link to REGIONALS now show Approved Bids and Status during Evaluation for each Region. 


Sept 14th Update

New pictures have made their way to various pages. Changes made to Find a Club and Find a Judge functionaities to facilitate for Public. 

Rulebook access now provides Electronic log of changes as well as TABS by Effective date - etc.

Provider has not yet repaired the duplication of Forms. 


Sept 13th Update:

Forms continue to appear multiple times, but do work. Changes to English Website have continued. The French website will be addressed once the English one has stabilized following any feedback over the next week. 

Sept11th UPDATE:

ALL FORMS have been restored however may present duplicated. We appreciate your patience while this situation is addressed.

Please contact quick assistance during this period..


Sept 9th UPDATE:

ALL FORMS have been rendered unusable on the AAC website for the moment and should be re-established within 24-48 hours. IF needed, please contact to receive a required FORM for emergencies.

*** No emails being sent out to advise of this following complaints AAC sending out too many emails. (And because unless a person requires a given Form, no other issue should appear)


The IT administrator has begun making changes to the Website's English menus. This is being done in an effort to improve access to information and to reduce future problems due to duplicated information that have created maintenance issues. To accomplish this, several groupings will change over the next few days.  

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions, issues or suggestions or if you are unable to find anything specific. 

Thank you for your patience while we work through this.