How to Vote

Who can vote?

Anyone having a recorded valid Individual, Regular Membership in Good Standingwith the AAC on October 1st 2018.
This excludes:
  • Associate Members (Under the age of eighteen (18) or not a Canadian resident)
  • Provisional Members  (Recently Approved Memberships); i.e. (less than twelve (12) consecutive months since the membership was approved)
  • Club Memberships

How to vote ?

  1. Make sure to read up on the candidates ahead of time. Their biographies will be available shortly on the Nominees page of the AAC website.  
  2. At any time during the election period, login to “My Account Page” from
Click the “Vote NOW” button (It only appears to eligible Members)
** If you believe that you are eligible to vote and you cannot access the “Vote Now” button on your page, please contact the AAC Elections Officer at
  1. If the voting period is open, select the VOTING PAGE, and complete the 2nd level verification by entering:
    • email (same used to login and appearing in the “My Account” page above the buttons on the top left)
    • member # (minimum 4 digits; If unknown, it appears in the “My Account” page above the buttons on the top left)

From this point forward you MUST FINISH voting or lose your ballot. Do NOT use the BACK button and do NOT close your window before submitting your ballot

  1. Click the button next to the name of the selected candidate(s)
*Only Alberta Region Members will have to indicate two (2) selections.
  1. Click “Submit” ONLY when you are completely finished as you will not be permitted to return to the voting page.
*Should you prefer to have a ballot mailed to you please contact
** Rules and regulations governing the process of choosing new members for the Board of Directors is outlined in the AAC’s Election Policy & Procedure which is accessible through eligible Members’ “My Account Page”, under the “For Members Only” button; in the 2018 ELECTIONS Folder.