Jump Heights - Measurement Cut-offs

Over the past year the AAC began evaluating the jump heights and dog measurement cut-offs. This led to research on the effects of jump heights equal or greater than the shoulder and evaluations of what brought competitors to the activity. This included considering dog conditioning and the impact on dogs with mobility issues due to structure.

The AAC reviewed the categories of Regular, Specials, Veteran and Double Drop Veteran and agreed that they still provided for the needs of the majority of dogs as they moved through the competitive cycle from a young to aged dog in agility.

We went on to compare other North American associations with National programs to identify if there were any ideas or trends that would be of benefit to the AAC.

We considered the trends of IFCS, as we are affiliated and a National Team is sponsored to attend their World Championship annually.

After working through numerous variations, we shortened the list to three options that we thought the AAC Membership could proceed with. A survey was distributed to both AAC Membership and Clubs to garner input and identify which would be the best solution.

The results rolled in and were evaluated, and the majority of AAC selected Option 4. There were numerous comments advising that Option 4 may be the best solution but it did not address fully the smaller dog cut-offs to member satisfaction. Taking that into consideration, a good deal more work and discussion followed. We will be implementing a revised Option 4 that incorporates those concerns.

Dog’s Measured Height Regular Special Veteran/ JH Double Dropped Vet
< or = 12 inches 8 (or 12) 4 4 N/A
> 12 and < or = 15 12 (or 16) 8 8 4
> 15 and < or = 18 16 (or 20) 12 12 8
> 18 and < or = 22 20 (or 24) 16 16 12
> 22 24 20 20 16


The attached changes will be implemented no later than January 1, 2018. The AAC will provide detailed information in the next several months to address questions from the perspectives of measuring and equipment inspections. Information sheets will be distributed and will be posted to the AAC website for competitors, judges, clubs, vendors and event hosts on how the changes will impact each of you and what actions will be required.

The AAC will seek your assistance over the next year as we work to transition to the new changes as smoothly as possible.

AAC Board