2018 Implementation Plan

Jump Heights – Measurement Cut-off

The implementation of new jump heights and dog measurement cut-offs will occur in stages throughout 2017. 

This is AAC’s tentative schedule through to the end of March 2017.

December 2016 – Release Statement of changes to be implemented by January 1, 2018 including new jump height categories and new dog measurement cut-offs.

January – Downloadable dog ID card process implemented.  NEWS

February – Release of the 2018 Re-Measurement Information Process and Forms

  • Re-Measurement Procedures
  • AAC Dog ID Application Form (Competitors)
  • Request for Re-Measurement Day Form (Clubs)
  • 2018 Measuring Device Inspection Form (For Clubs/Regional Directors)
  • Dog Measurement Form (For Clubs/Judges)

March – Equipment Inspection Procedure for 2018 including:

  • Equipment Checklists (for 2018)
  • Equipment Specification List (for 2018)

Further information and release schedules will be provided as details are finalized.

AAC Board