The AAC is initiating a fun “at home” league (three levels, two courses at each level per week).  Courses will be starters, advanced and masters equivalent on a 40x40 grid using one tunnel and three jumps.

A trial session debut will take place this coming weekend, May 1st.  The league will be 4 weekends per month starting May 8th.  Participants will have the option to pay to have their videoed runs judged or just purchase the course maps.  We hope that everyone will choose to join in the fun.  Runs will be uploaded to a private Facebook page and the “judge of the week” will look at the videos.  We hope to have a different volunteer guest judge each week.

As an extra bonus, we would like to take the opportunity to offer members, who sign up for the small-space league, a free large space course.  It’s free!  If you don’t have the space, you haven’t lost anything.  This will be a pilot project for the new Grand Prix JWW class that is to be rolled out.  It will give judges an opportunity to try out GP JWW course design and it will give Course Approvers a chance to work through what they are supposed to be approving.  We want to know what works and what competitors like.  How better to do that than to try it out! 

Fun At Home League Rules

Fun At Home League Titles


This system of home trials are to be completed in accordance with the social restrictions in place for your province during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Initially this means the venue is your place of residence with no people from outside your household in attendance.  As provinces move to relax or tighten restrictions in response to the pandemic, it could change how you as a participant are able to interact with other participants.

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