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7.0 19 December 2017

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7.0a    22 December 2017
  • Typo fixed in table 2.7.2 19
7.0b    4 January 2018
  • Division names added in brackets next to jump heights in table 2.7.2 19
  • Typo fixed in TCT examples 33
  • Typo fixed in table 3.10A 48
7.0c  22 February 2018
  • Corrected range to be used in Target Course Times 33
  • Qualifying score - Consistent use of “less than or equal to” throughout 27
  • Added word “Individual” to number of compulsory single jumps 40,41,46

AAC Rulebook v7p0c (secured).pdf


  2 July 2018
  • As documented below
AAC Official Rules Update V 7.1d (2018).pdf

Changes to Rulebook since its last Printed Publication


Sep 12,2018

7.1 Leaving the Ring When the Run is Over

7.1 Leaving the Ring When the Run is Over

Rule Book Update File: NA
In Section 2.10.2, General Faults, the penalty for leaving the ring and/or catch area NOT under control shall be changed from “may be given a verbal warning and/or faulted, from 5 faults to an E, at the judge's discretion.” to “elimination”. (180694) 
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7.1 Leaving the Ring When the Run is Over