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Rule Book

Updates Intro

Rule Book Update File: NA

Rulebook Updates Intro

These rulebook updates, to be issued approximately every six months (target releasedates: December and June), are a compilation of recently adopted rule changes. They are intended to be used as a supplement to the most current version of the AAC rulebook. Please save or print these updates and keep them with your Rulebook (the print version has a pocket in the back for this purpose). Each subsequent edition of the rulebook will have all prior rule changes incorporated in the text, as well as any pending changes known at the time of publication.

The numbers in brackets after each item in the update refer to the motion or motions by which the changes were made. Each motion is identified by a unique six digit number: The first two digits refer to the year, the second two digits, the month, and the final two digits the order of the motion for that month. So, for example, Motion 130904 would be the fourth motion addressed by the Board of Directors in September 2013. The full text of each motion is available in On Course and also available on the AAC website @
The section numbers refer to the parts of the rulebook or other official AAC documents affected by each rule change.

With few exceptions, only those rule changes dealing with safety concerns, or with the Regionals and/or Nationals programs, will be effective upon translation and dissemination via the Rules section of the AAC website (motions affecting Regional and National events can be found in those sections of the AAC website). All other motions will be in effect not less than six months after being adopted by the Board of Directors, as per Section 1.6 of the rulebook.

Please address any questions or concerns to the AAC Administrator, or to your Regional Director.

Rulebook Update 6.1

Rule Book Update File: PDF icon RBupdate_6v1.pdf

Changes Approved by the Board of Directors

Motion Number: 80304

Unless specified otherwise, effective dates of rule changes are as moved by Motion as below:

Motion 080304 [REVISED]- PASSED

Rule changes approved by the Board of Directors related to the judging, scoring, qualifying requirements, or equipment used in any agility class, excluding those changes dealing with safety concerns and/or the Regionals/Nationals program, take effect as follows:

  • Rule changes made between January 1 and June 30 will be implemented on January 1 of the following year or, if January 1 falls on a weekend, the first Monday following January 1
  • Rule changes made between July 1 and December 31 will be implemented on July 1 of the following year or, if July 1 falls on a weekend, the first Monday following July 1.


Motion Number: 151103
Effective Date: July 1, 2016

MOVED By Jennifer Laird and seconded by Claire Duder, to accept the suggestion of the SRC for the following changes to course design and scoring for Team Relay. These changes are in addition to the Team Relay course design and judging requirements already listed in the Judges Handbook and AAC Rulebook.

  • The SRC would like to recommend that the “Team Relay” class be scored as time plus faults and that course design be changed to allow for flexibility in equipment requirements on both sides.
  • The level of difficulty in each half need not be identical. Providing different sorts of challenges in each half of the course adds interest to the class by allowing each team member to pick which side best suits their dogs’ skills.


151110           MOVED By Jennifer Laird and seconded by Wendy Coffen Rudolph, to accept the, amended by the board, suggestions of the SRC for the following changes to course design and scoring for Team Relay.

The design must be so that the team (Note - per team and not per dog or side) are required to perform minimum of two (2) contact obstacle performance and at least one (1) dog is required to do a minimum of twelve (12) weave poles. . Contacts shall be single use per side, and there shall be a maximum of two weave entries per side.

CARRIED:  Effective EFFECTIVE July 1, 2016


151111           MOVED By Claire Duder and seconded by Jennifer Laird, to accept the, amended by the board, suggestions of the SRC for the following changes to course design and scoring for Team Relay.

The design must be so that each half of a Team Relay course must contain challenges (side changes, minor challenges, and major challenges) appropriate for a Masters Standard class, but the number and degree of challenge need not be equal in each half.

CARRIED:  Effective July 1, 2016


Motion Number: 140208
Effective Date: January 1, 2015

MOVED By Ivy Seney, seconded by Seanna O’Neill, to accept the recommendations made by the Standing Rule Committee for Starter’s Snooker. 

Recommendations are that:

  1. Replace Starters Snooker references from “5-9 weaves” to “6 weaves” mainly because that is what clubs have available and because an odd number of weaves would be so, unusual as to pose an unintended challenge for Starter dogs.
  2. Replace the Starters Snooker acceptable 5 point obstacles from "3 obstacle combo/contact/5 -9 weaves" to "2 obstacle combo/contact/6 weaves".
  3. Replace the Starters Snooker acceptable 6 point obstacles from "3 obstacle combo/contact/10-12 weaves" to "2-3 obstacle combo/contact/10-12 weaves".