Register a Junior Handler


Philosophy & General Regulations 

The Junior Handler Program is open to all youths up to and including seventeen (17) years of age as of Jan 1st of the current year. The Board of Directors of AAC may use their discretion to extend this upper age limit in certain individual cases. 

The Junior Handler program is designed to: 

  • Encourage youth enjoyment of the sport of agility as a fun family event. 
  • Encourage youth to train and compete with their dog(s) in the sport of agility. 

Junior Handlers are encouraged to progress through performance levels designed to showcase their achievements in handling their dogs.


Each Junior Handler must pay a one-time fee and will be assigned a Junior Handler Identification Number, similar to the standard Dog Identification Number. This is for the purpose of tracking the handler’s achievements. All dogs participating in the Junior Handlers Program must also have a valid AAC Dog ID number. The Junior ID Application form and appropriate fee is to be mailed to the Trial Approval Coordinator.

All Junior Handlers must have a valid AAC ID Number before they compete. They may compete with different dogs as the "legs" are compiled on the JH ID # instead of a dog's ID #.  Achievements, i.e. Legs and Junior Handler Award of Merit, will only be issued to Junior Handlers with a valid AAC ID Number.

Fee  $10.00 +tax (For New Card)           Register a Junior Handler        

  • Foreign residents are TAX exempt.
  • No Charge for Change of Address


The Junior Handler Program is open to all youths 17 years and under. Youths and dogs may compete without regard to their performance levels in the normal AAC agility class framework or to their accomplishments in any other venue. A Junior Handler may handle a different dog from one course to the next. The dog may or may not be owned by the Junior Handler. Any dog entered with a Junior Handler may not run the same course twice. 

Junior Handlers that choose to run a dog in accordance with the Junior Handler rules and regulations as defined in section 4.8 will be subject to Veteran obstacle, time and point requirements. There will be no spreads and the A-Frame will be set at five feet (5’0’’). The dog MUST jump one height lower than its Regular jump height, and may jump one height lower than its actual competition height if currently competing in the Special or Veteran Category. 

Junior Handlers may run and earn qualifying scores (JHQs) in all classes, including games, and may accumulate JHQs with different dogs for the purpose of earning Junior Handler titles. Junior Handlers can only run one dog per course under their JH ID number for a Junior Handler qualifier. A Junior Handler may still run more than one dog in any course under the dog's respective ID number(s), just as all other handlers under the usual rules. 

Trial registration forms must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for competitors under 18 years of age.