Welcome & Site Map Information

Welcome to all dog owners and dog handlers!

Public Website

Designed for those who wish to start, or already actively participate in AAC Events; i.e. Agility Trials.  

Main functionalities 

  • AAC RULES: Find all AAC Rules, Regulations and Guidelines.
  • COMPETITOR SERVICES: Register a Dog (or Junior Handler) to compete. To start participating in Trials, it is mandatory for a dog to have an AAC Dog ID card #. This Dog ID# (Or a Junior Handler#) is the key used to register in any Trial for statistics to be complied.  
  • UPCOMING EVENTS: Find Trials offered anywhere in the Country. These are listed in Upcoming Events. To register in these Trials, participants must use the links provided to those Clubs' events.  
  • RESULTS & STATISTICS View results & statistics of past Trials
**For additional services a person can create their free account (login) to gain access to the Registered Users Website.  It is refferred to as the "My Account" private page.

Private Website (My Account page)

Once registered, a person has options to Apply for a membership and more. 
Members, Club-member, Judges and AAC representatives must use their "My Account" page  to gain access to the confidential information and functionalities specific to their roles in the AAC

Personalized "My Account" private page:

  • AAC Members will find Information "For Members Only" librairies such as Bylaws, Official On Course Newsletters, printable Rulebook, policies and procedures, etc.
  • AAC Clubs-Hosts will find Trial Hosting Application information, host responsibilities, check on current Suspensions, etc.
  • AAC Judges will access Judges Handbook, tools/templates for preparing for a trial, etc..
** Until all functionalities are fully integrated, the website continues to link back to the legacy website pages.